Personal Health Fund

The Only Healthcare Rewards Program

How does the Personal Health Fund Work?

The Personal Health Fund is the only Healthcare Rewards Program that allows you to take your unused premiums and save them for future Medical Expenses.

  1. First, decide how much you want to have set aside after three years. Our plans range from $5,000 to $60,000. Your monthly payment is set based on your target.
  2. Each month that you are healthy ( meaning you don’t charge a medical bill to the Visa Debit Card that holds your balance) we reward you by crediting back some of the premiums you paid. Each month the amount you get increases.
  3. 36 months staying healthy and your Visa Debit Card balance will equal the total of all the premiums you have paid to us.
  4. If you use the card ( an unhealthy month) we reset you back to the month equal to your remaining balance and you start again. I.E You go 15 months healthy…the 16th you get sick and need to use some of your Medical savings. After deducting that amount, the balance is equal to where you were in the 11 month. So that is your new starting point on your march to 36 healthy months.
  5. BTW You can use any of our Virtual Services for free, that is Doctor and Therapy and it doesn’t count as an unhealthy month.

Personal Health Fund

Why Do I Need A Personal Health Fund?

We thought Enough is Enough! It’s Time for a New Way of Preparing for Unexpected and Everyday Healthcare Costs We designed the Personal Health Fund to work for you. It stays with you until it is spent. You can only use the Funds for medical purposes.

Couple of things to remember

  • 66 Percent of all Bankruptcies last year were tied to Medical Issues
  • 40 percent of Americans have enough saved to cover a $1,000 emergency expense
  • It’s estimated that 530,000 families turn to bankruptcy each year because of medical issues and bills

Medical Benefits Visa Prepaid Card

List Of Covered Services

  1. Doctors
  2. Hospitals
  3. Chiropractors
  4. Ambulance Services
  5. Dentists, Orthodontists
  6. Osteopathic Physicians
  7. Chiropodists, Podiatrists
  8. Nursing and Personal Care Facilities
  1. Optical Goods and Eyeglasses
  2. Optometrists, Ophthalmologists
  3. Medical and Dental Laboratories
  4. Orthopedic Goods Prosthetic Devices
  5. Hearing Aid  Sales, Service, Supply Stores
  6. Opticians, Optical Goods, and Eyeglasses
  7. Counseling Service  Debt, Marriage, Personal
  1. Laboratory/Medical/Dental/Ophthalmic Hospital Equipment And Supplies
  2. Medical Services and Health Practitioners not elsewhere classified
  3. Drug Stores, Pharmacies (no sundries/mail-in reimbursemently only on grocery store pharmacy purchases)

List Of NOT Covered Services:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Illegal Drugs
  1. Cigarettes
  2. anything not medically necessary or unrelated to health

We want you to stay healthy and understand that minor medical issues are not really being unhealthy, they just happen. So we want you to know, we got your back.

Bonus Healthcare

Since you made a great choice by enrolling in a Personal Health Fund, we added some healthcare to your Core Health Benefits.

What you had:

  • Free Virtual Doctor Visits
  • Free Virtual Therapy
  • Dental, Vision and Prescription Plan

What we are adding:

  • Reimbursements for common Emergency Room Procedures
  • Reimbursements for Annual Physicals
  • Reimbursements for Adult Preventative Care ( include Gynecological exams)