Welcome to Flexefits Pandemic Contingency Program

Being prepared is the only way to succeed.

Our world is increasingly unsafe. It’s unlikely that once virus and other contaminants are released they will ever go away. They will resurface.

The CDC and WHO have stated that being prepared is the best way to deal with upcoming pandemics.

Preparation is inclusive of preparing for business interruption, employee management, workforce training, risk evaluation, and so much more.

Is you organization really prepared? Most are not, they never needed it. We plan for weather and for war… planning for virus and pandemics is something Hollywood makes movies out of.

Welcome to the 21st Century where you are starring in your own Hollywood disaster movie.

Our team has years of experience in addressing health crisises and in planning for them. We have been at the forefront of dealing with past epidemics and are offering you our expertise to make sure you are prepared for the next one.

Our goal is to keep you and your employees as safe as they can be, to protect them from fear… fear of the unknown which grips people in pandemics.

Featured Services

We cover a big variety of medical services

Why Flexefits

  • Access to Doctors quickly
  • Nationwide network
  • Virtual Service so I can get care at home
  • Lab Testing
  • Pandemic Supplies
  • Virtual Therapy to ease anxiety
  • Education
  • Annual Pandemic Risk Evaluation and Planning

Medical Services

Core Benefits that you need

We have direct access to Lab Testing. No delays, immediate action.

24/7 Medical coverage and remote monitoring

Masks, surgical gloves, basic supplies...you don''t have to worry about shortages.

Flexefits was founded for the purpose of providing alternative health care access. Traditional paths to medical treatment have left many patients with difficult or delayed access to Doctors. This is more evident in pandemics where the average wait time to see a Doctor has triples.  We have changed that, we are reinventing healthcare access, convenient and practical.