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Welcome to Flexefits

Just because you can't afford health insurance, doesn't mean you can't afford health care.

In fact, health insurance is really supposed to make it easier to afford health care…which it doesn’t do anymore. 50% of the people that pay health insurance premiums never use the insurance, they never meet their deductible, and never get any real benefit for the money they spend.

Flexefits takes the opposite approach. Pay as you need care. Our network is made up of Doctors, Surgeons, and Dentist who have agreed to provide services for very reasonable fees. Virtual consults with any of our team are always free. Emergency rooms and urgent care visits are handled fast. Send in the bill and a check goes out to you in 72 hours on average.

All told it costs approximately $60 a month for great medical coverage. You can save yourself a lot more by using our Personal Health Fund Program. The Program rewards you every month you are healthy. At the end of 36 months, the rewards can equal the total of all premiums you have paid. Imagine that, stay healthy and your healthcare is free.

Flexefits- we make you and your healthcare our priority.

Featured Services

We cover a big variety of medical services

Why Flexefits

  • Access to Doctors quickly
  • Reduced prices for procedures and only pay for what I use
  • Emergency coverage just in case I have to go to an emergency room
  • A savings plan that credit me back premiums if I stay healthy

Medical Services

Core Benefits that you need

We rounded up over 100,000 dentists who feel the same way we do. They all agreed to work for great low prices so you don't have to put off keeping your smile bright.

Access to more than 12,000 optometrists and eye centers and save significantly on routine exams, eyewear, and contact lenses.

Virtual Doctors and Therapists, Emergency and Urgent Care Coverage. Surgeons on call. Everything you need to treat whatever comes your way.

Flexefits was founded for the purpose of providing alternative health care access. Traditional paths to medical treatment have left many patients with difficult or delayed access to Doctors. This is more evident with minor sicknesses, where the average wait time to see a Doctor has tripled in the last ten years. Skyrocketing insurance premiums and medical costs have left most families with annual deductibles exceeding $4,000 and annual premiums exceeding $500 per month. The average family has to pay $10,000 a year before receiving any benefit form their health insurance. Yet 70% of American families have actual health costs less than $1,000 annually.

When we said a new type of Healthcare, we meant it.

We call it Direct Care and over 200,000 medical professionals participate to make sure that you get the best care. So if you are tired of huge premiums and big deductibles, make Flexefits your healthcare option.

What People are Saying

  • Worst day ever. Flew to Disney and by the time we landed my son was howling. His ear was killing him. We came from Ohio and the hotel said we wouldn’t be able to see a doctor till the next day. I called Flexefits and they put me on with a Doctor right away. He prescribed some ear drops and some antibiotics and I got them at a CVS down the road. The next day we were at Disney and he was smiling. This was a vacation saver.
    Joe M Treated for 2 weeks
  • Woke up with an aching tooth and no dental insurance. Called Flexefits and they set me up with a dentist about a mile down the road. I paid 360 for a root canal, and noticed others were paying about $900. Flexefits saved me a car payment. Not bad.
    Peter Visitor
  • My daughter woke up with a fever and a stuffy nose. I remembered Flexefits and decided to give them a call first. The doctor who spoke to me asked about her symptoms and said ” Let’s save you a trip”. He called in a prescription and I go the medicine a couple of hours later. It was so easy and I didn’t have to take my daughter into the car. Plus there was no copay. Thanks Flexefits, and Doctor Paul…you saved my day.
    Tiffany B X Patient